The museum of dead woods.

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A swedish explorer in Finland.

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I was invited to take part of a show called "You turn me on and on" at Embassy Gallery in Edingburgh Scotland. The show was about endlessly. I wrote some code to create endless picture of stars. You can copy the code and create your own art piece.

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recreating of nature.

The material has been taking from a webpage about how you create water with a 3d-software. I have remade that material into a movie.

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Dipylon 2.0

Dipylon 2.0 (2008)

Dipylon 2.0

Rationalization and conservation of flowers, and the management of nature and romance in an age of technology.

A book of scripts for drying flowers in a micro wave. A critical comment to how we treat nature, but also a comment to new-media art or technlogy in general.



A computer-game.

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untitled walls

A multiple in a edition of 5. A kit to make your own walls.

for years to come

A book with a calender for the coming 100 years. I using it and planing to use it for my coming years. There was three books made. One for myself, one for a friend and one for my sisters one year old son.
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