O.Baertling a computer program (hommage)

O.Baertling a computer-program to create pictures. There was 1 million pics created stored in a database. I made 10 books with pictures from the database.

Feel free to download the content of the database. All pictures are unique, not signed or numbered. You could also get your own software below.

Download software for mac, windows or Linux. Download the folder and open the folder for your os and run the program.

Download here

Olle Bærtling (1911-81) is one of the few Nordic artists of the second half of the 20th century who made a name for himself internationally. Initially inspired by the Concretists, he developed a style of his own with bright colours in triangular shapes, which, in his later works, appear to move out of the frames into the infinity of space, which has become the distinguishing characteristic of Bærtling. Today he is considered a modern classic.