The Museum of Dead Woods 2010, Mustarinda


I was invited to take part in an exhibition in Mustarinda in the midpoint of Finland.
Famous for its old forest.

In the exhibition I created a museum of dead woods. I built the museum at a clear-cut forest from material found in the local dumpster. I announced in the area if someone had a picture of the forest before it was cut down.  I found a photo of the forest from a person who used to work in the area. The photo was place in the museum.











Demonstration of the signs of the horns (In collaboration with Helga Härenstam)
2011, Galleri Lalaland
Multiple [photographs, object] 120*120 mm


A series of photos presented as a book with sculpture (multiple) in a limited edition of 13.








Finland, En svensk upptäcktsresande
2011, galleri Hutoo, Helsinki
Installation + Multipel [170*420*60 mm] [5 copies


One summer’s journey through Finnish landscapes documented through a home built pinhole camera and found objects.










2010, Embassy gallery, You Turn Me On And On And On
Code. [.pde]


”This exhibition features propositions towards infinite art. Rather than completed works, the artists asked to create plans for and descriptions of works that would be, in some sense, infinite. The creation of limitless or endless work is a preoccupation for many artists working with computer technology. The intent of this exhibition is to examine how the idea of an infinite artwork might be interpreted by artists working across a variety of media, both digital and analogue.”









Waiting for
2010, Galleri 54, Sverige
Net Art [.swf]  + Multiple [cd-rom, object] 180*180*40 mm] [24 copies] 


“Waiting for” can be described as a theatrical play with a number of set instructions constantly repeated, but each time in a different order. The piece consists of a programmed and interactive animation sequence shown online, resembling a computer game, but with the actual game element left out. This is a play with no beginning and no end, in which the variables change, making every act different from the last.


The title refers to the Samuel Becket play Waiting For Godot, a play where practically nothing happens and where the hopeless and futile waiting is a key element in the plot.


See pictures .pdf









Net Art [.swf]  + Multiple [cd-rom, object] 150 * 130 * 50 mm] [5 copies] 


The basic plot of the online computer game ”Endgame” is violent and dark, but the soundtrack in the form of 1910s marching music, and the Atmosphere render it so absurd and exaggerated that only comedy remains.









2007/2009, Galleri Maskinen Umeå
Wood and micro-controllers











A message to be found
2007/2009, Galleri Titanik, Helsingfors,
Net Art [.html .php]

Made in collaboration with Mateusz Pozar


Instead of writing an email or sending a text that will arrive instantaneously, send a postcard that won’t arrive until you want it to. Perhaps you want to remind yourself of something in five years time or make a prediction for the world to read in ten years time? Write a postcard, upload an image and select the keywords you want search engines to index. Somewhere on the vast Internet there’s a message waiting for you.







Invisible Paintings.
2009, 300m3, GOTHENBURG
Computer program [.swf, c++, aurdinio], machine, computer prints


An image making machine built from scrap materials, inspired by Öyvind Fahlströms essay ”Invisible Painting”.


Painting is lagging behind the other art forms because of its limited opportunities to reach its audience. By "reach" I mean to "own" a work of art, to possess it, to take it out when you want to, have it on display or not — like a book or a record — so that as many people as possible can experience an original, as they can with film and theater. By this I mean that the fetishism connected to handmade and signed originals would never exist; instead there would be a multitude of equally valuable copies. When art is bought today, it happens, as we know, only partly for the same reasons that books or records are purchased — and it is bought by an extremely limited group of people. Those to whom works of art mean the most have the least means to acquire them. This is an incredibly warped situation, to which many artists are oddly resigned. Nowadays it is possible to make and reproduce exact copies of paintings, in which even the tactile values, to some extent, are retained.









O. Baerthling
Net Art [.pde] + Bok 180 * 240 mm [22 p] [15 copies]


A computer program that creates art works in the style of the Swedish modernist painter Olle Baerthling. The program generats one million images in one hour. 300 of these have been randomly selected and bound into a book.







Untitled Walls
2009, Galleri maskinen, Umeå
Installation + Multiple, 145 * 200 mm [5 copies]


Building blocks and mould for construction of walls.









Dipylon 2.0
2009 PixelPops, Zurich
Net Art [.swf, .php], documented as book 210*200 mm [100 p][2 copies]

The web program downloads words that people have been using when searching the Internet for topics related to war, and stores them in a database. It then randomly picks three words and searches for pictures that become a pattern for a box to print and fold – the type of box that you may find in i.e. supermarkets. The box pattern updates every 30 seconds with new pictures, making every box unique.

The box is a modern digital version of the ancient Greek Dipylon vase, that was traditiona
lly covered with patterns from narratives and important events – typically warriors, chariots, burial scenes and land or sea battles.

The program stopped working in 2007 and remains black.
See pdf with boxes.








Rationalization and conservation of flowers, and the management of nature and romance in an age of technology.
2009, galleri Maskinen
Book 155 * 215 mm [15 copies][ 3 p]


A remake of a found book on drying flowers using a microwave.

Recommended Drying and Standing Times for Flowers Dried in Microwave Use a full-power cooking setting. The times given in the chart are only guidelines. The actual time may vary due to the type of oven and the amount of moisture in the flowers. If your oven does not have a turntable, you may want to rotate the container every 1/2 to 1 minute.  Anemone (Anemone sp.) 2 1/2 to 3 ( Drying Time (in minutes)) , 12 ( Standin time (inhours).

Aster (Aster sp.) 2 1/2 , 10 , Calendula (Calendula officinalis) 2 1/2 , 10,  Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) 1 , 10, Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum sp.) 3, 10 Daffodil (Narcissus sp.) 2 1/2 , 10, Dahlia (Dahlia hybrids) 5 to 7 , 36, Delphinium (Delphinium elatum) 4 to 5, 10, Marigold (Tagetes sp.) 2 1/2 to 3 , 10  Pansy (Viola x wittrockiana) 2 1/2 to 3, 36, Peony (Paeonia hybrids) 3 to 4, 36, Poppy (Papaver orientale) 2 1/2 to 3, 24, Rose (Rosa sp.) 1 1/2 to 2, 10  Salvia (Salvia sp.) 3, 24, Tulip (Tulipa sp.) 3, 24








Untitled Spam
2009 Art.tech, San Francisco
Computer program [.pde], book 275 * 275 mm, box, scissors, small change.


A book consisting of 400 drawings, a pair of scissors and a box for money. The visitor to the exihibition were instructed to cut out a page of their choice and pay as much as they saw fit.








Devices, 2007–2008
2007–2008 Pixxelpoint, Slovenien, Get Set!, Virserum Artspace


Electronic and interactive objects, often based on older, found, repaired or recreated electronic devices.





For Years to Come
Galleri Maskinen, Reykjavik Kulturfestival.
Book 270*220 mm, computer program [.pde] [1200 p] [unlimited edition]

A calender for 100 years, for my years to come.





Birthday Singers, a database
Net-Art [.swf, .php]


"It’s my birthday today. I woke up this morning with no one there to sing for me. So I made a program that will play the birthday song every birthday at 08:30, every year. This way I never have to wake up without anyone singing on my birthday.
The web site is just a countdown to my next birthday, at 08:30 on the 21 of December next year it will start singing."

(this was posted at the section drawings/news 2004-12-29 at jimpalt.org).

How to make your own program.
1. Write your name and date of birth below. Enter what time you want the program to start singing.
2. Press submit.

3. Look for your name in the database.


The program stopped working in 2012 and remains black.





Broken Narratives

2006 The Louise T Blouin Institute London, Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki, Reykjavík Kulturfestival, Reykjavik

Computer-game [.swf], cd-rom with booklet 140*120 mm [17 p] [9 copies]


Computer games as fragmented stories, based on memories of games played in my childhood.




Dreamers of the world unite
Gallery Main Blaue Berlin, 300m3, Gothenburg.
Installation + Website [ .swf, .php ] [documented as .pdf]


Welcome to experience an artwork that takes place inside your dreams… Here is a web-site broadcasting sounds with the intention of influencing the contents of your dreams. The project is based on sleep- and dream research, indicating that external stimuli like sound, smell and touch can be experienced also during sleep. Our dreams are shaped by an inner world, as well as by experiences that we have had during the day and the external stimuli we are exposed to during sleep. While dreaming we get in contact with sub- and pre-conscious layers of our soul. Using sound you can influence your dreams.


Welcome to take part in this artwork that takes place in your bedroom and where the stage is your dream…


The program stopped working in 2010.


See pdf with texts from database








Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik, Threshold Artspace, Perth, The Louise T Blouin Institute, London, Vaarc in Vancover.
Installation + Net-Art, FlashLite, software for mobile phone and computer [documented as code]


A yellow field moving over a computer screen. The movement, so slow that it is barely perceptible, corresponds to the movement of the sun. The screen, shifting from completely black the moment before sunrise, to completely yellow in the middle of day, and back to black at night, could be perceived as a slowly moving painting, or as a functional device allowing you to follow the sun in real time – a digital Sun.


The program stopped working in 2009 and remains black.

Download code  










2005, Academy Valand, Gothenburg
Net-Art [.swf, .php] Multiple and 3.5 floppy disc (documented 2017) 105*150 mm [25 p] [ 10 copies]


Vasagatan 33, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 07, 2005 23:10:48 - May 22, 2005 20:10:48


In this net based bird opera a rare bird might sing every day for a long period of time, but the chance is small. To hear a blackbird or a chaffinch sing during the night is another rare experience. Some days the jackdaw will sing together with the nightingale, other days with the magpie or on its own in solitude. Some birds sing at night, others are more likely to be heard in day time, and so on. If a bird of prey appears all the other birds could go quiet for hours, days or weeks. The scope for variation is unlimited, resulting in an ever-changing and completely unpredictable opera.

All the sounds are registered and stored in a database, acting as a digital ornithologist.


The program stopped working in 2008 . Download recordings









Migration of storks
2005 Istanbul Biennale
Installation + [typeface, .pdf], artist book 200*300 mm [8 p] [7 copies]


Ancient immigrants

For thousands of years birds have taken advantage of Turkey's and Istanbul's strategic position as a bridge connecting Europe to Asia and Africa. In spring migratory birds fly northwards from Africa to Asia and Europe, and in autumn they leave their breading grounds to fly south to Africa again using Istanbul as a passageway.
  In the most spectacular manifestation of this migration over a quarter million Storks fly in clouds over the city in the course of a few weeks. In autumn the peak passage time coincided with the beginning of the 9th Istanbul Biennale.


The bird’s eye view became the basis for a typeface where the letters were exchanged for the symbolic shapes of famous places, buildings, islands and parks, taken from the city map of Istanbul. The artist book contained patterns and images created with the typeface, which was also availble for online download.


download typeface + posters













Dressed for success
computer game/multiple
cd-rom[ .swf +.pdf], computer print 297*210 mm [2 p] [3 copies]


A ghost collecting bags of points. A computer game based on the contradictory principle that the challanges get easier the longer you play.















Untitled Boxes
[ .pdf], artist book 290*200 mm [10 p] [10 copies]


An image series of unfolded boxes, made available online as pdf-files for anyone to download and print, as well as in the form of a limited edition artist book.


Download posters








Titel 5-10
Net-Art, [.SWF]



A web site containing five short abstract animations.












Titel 1-5
Liljevalchs konsthall
cd-rom, booklet 120*120mm, [6 p][150 copies]


Five short abstract animations on CD-rom. The piece was shown at Liljevalchs Spring Salon in 2001. Since it was one of the first pieces shown on computer in this traditional art space, they had to order one especially for the occasion, which didn’t arrive until a few days before the end of the show.